Chicks With Sticks

For as long as I’ve played hockey, I’ve alway brought two hockey sticks with me to the rink in case I break one. I’m only 5 ft tall AND I play left-handed, so I figure if I break a stick, there’s very little chance that someone else on my team is going to have a short lefty stick I can use. So for the past 7 or 8 years, I’ve brought two sticks to every game I’ve played, though I’ve never, ever broken a stick… until today!

Our first playoff game for my Coquitlam team was held this morning and part way through the game a girl from the other team and I collided as we tried to get the puck. Collided and fell. And she fell right onto my stick! When she got up, I saw that my poor innocent little stick had splintered right in half! The ref yelled, “Leave it! It’s broken!” and so off I skated to the bench so someone who actually had a stick could jump onto the ice. And I never saw my poor baby stick again!

At least I have this photo to remember her by:


So now I only have my (too short) back up stick to play with! Wish me luck that I don’t break it in this afternoon’s game!

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