Upcoming Awesome, Um, Electronic Device Buying Fundraiser Party

So, as you know, I’m trying to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada by playing in a game of hockey that will go on, non-stop, for 10 days! Trying to raise *a lot* of money. In fact, each of the players are trying to raise $5,000 before the puck drops, a mere 59 days from now!

In addition to asking for straight up donations (and did I mention that you can go right to this page to donate?1, I’m trying to come up with creative ways to make some coin. Kim and I sold a fair amount of chocolate hockey sticks & pucks2 and I’ve sold some Longest Game for CF t-shirts3.

My latest fundraising adventure, however, is a bit more, shall we say, NSFW. I’m having a sex toy party! Wait, what? That’s right, I’m having a party where people get to buy sex toys and part of the proceeds go to charity! It’s win-win. You get sex toys, CF Canada gets money to put towards research to help combat Cystic Fibrosis. Plus, no one can judge you for spending your money on sex toys because it’s for charity! Also, as we all know, I like to name certain, um, electronic devices after Canucks players, so there’s even a hockey tie in.

My lovely friend Lianna has been nice enough to let me use her home in Vancouver for said party, since no one would go out to Surrey for it4. The company that sells the sex toys is owned and operated by women, so it’s fun and women-friendly5. My friend Linda had one of these parties a while ago, which is how I first heard about it, and it was a blast!

I did, however, leave the booking of said party a wee bit late, so some of the people I’ve invited aren’t able to come due to prior engagements. So if I know you and you are in the Vancouver area and you are free on Thursday evening and you think you’d like to come along to said party, send me a message. And if you aren’t in the Vancouver area (or can’t make it on Thursday) but you’d still like to partake, you can actually order products through me6 and I can add them to my total for the fundraiser! The product catalog is online, but just be sure to send me a message about when you want to order (rather than ordering online) so that I get credit!

  1. Be sure to select my name from the drop down list!! []
  2. Mostly to our chocolate-loving coworkers! []
  3. Mostly to my awesome family members! []
  4. Not that I would blame them! []
  5. Unlike, say a certain XXX shop that a certain friend of mine may have taken a photo with a certain gigantic butt plug during her certain bachelorette weekend []
  6. by about Friday or Saturday []

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