Worst. Parade. Ever. – Three More Things

In keeping with my trending of stealing marathon-related blog posting titles from Dr. Dan, I’m writing this second Scotiabank Half Marathon-related posting.

First of all, stuff I meant to write about in the previous posting, but forgot to mention – probably due to half marathon-induced delirium:

  • Props to my co-worker Raj who ran her first half marathon at the Scotiabank. Like Kim, she’s totally stoked to run more and is seriously contemplating the Victoria half in October.
  • Another sign that I forgot to include in my previous list: the sign said, “Cliff Ahead! Turn back now!” and also included awesome stick figure drawings of runners falling off a cliff. Similarly, at about the 17 km mark, a spectator yelled, “The shuttle bus is broken, you’ll all have to run back to UBC after you finish.

Second of all, some thoughts on my running playlist during the race. I’ve mentioned before that music motivates me when I run and there were a few songs, in particular, from my new playlist that really inspired me on this run:

  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele was the song that I set to play first on my playlist. This song – in fact, all songs by Adele – make me think of Derek ever since he wrote a blog posting about her. I figured this was a good song to start out my run and I was not disappointed.
  • Firework by Katy Perry made me think of Rick and who wouldn’t be inspired by The Inspiration himself?
  • Bulletproof by La Roux was introduced to me by Kalev, so of course when it came on, I thought of him! As I told him after my Victoria half marathon, when this song comes on during a race, it’s like he’s there with me! </cheesiness>
  • Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead came on just as I was running near the beach, so it was doubly inspiring because (a) I freaking love running by water and (b) it was recommended to me by Dan, inspiration personified.
  • Closet Freak by Stef Lang featuring Ray Black happens to be one of my favourite songs and it came on when I knew I was getting very close to the end of the race. Needless to say, it fired me up for a final sprint!
  • Teeth by Lady Gaga was the song that was playing as I crossed the finish line. Teeth is a *great* running song, so I really couldn’t have planned that one better!

Third of all, the over-priced photos of me running the half marathon that are taken by the company that marathons get to take over-priced photos of the runners so that they can try to sell said over-priced photos to said runners are now available for your viewing pleasure. I can’t post them here because (a) they are copyrighted and (b) I’m not going to buy said over-priced photos, but you can go here to see them. You can also see a video of me crossing the finish line there – you can see me near the top of the screen at the 0:25 mark of the video. As you can see, I like to sprint to the end!

3 Replies to “Worst. Parade. Ever. – Three More Things”

  1. I love running near the water too. Actually, I just love the beach. So I’m glad Say Hey came on and made you think of me at that exact moment. w00t! Also, “inspiration personified” – I’m blushing 🙂

    For my marathon, Rolling in the Deep, and Born this Way were two songs that helped out when I was getting close to the end. I may or may not have had to replay them several times. By the last 4 km though, the crowd was so loud I couldn’t hear my music.

  2. Also, just read Derek’s post re: Adele. Epic post (as per usual). And I’m trying not to tear up. Would that I could write like him.

  3. Awww… I’m glad to think I’m there with you, panting and dying and trying to drag myself along behind you.

    They played Bulletproof last night when I was out clubbing with Craig and Katherine and it, of course, made me think of you.

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