I haz a new fundraising page. You should celebrate by donating!

Given the challenges we were having with our old donation webpages for the Longest Ever Game of Hockey in the History of the Universe, Cystic Fibrosis Canada upgraded their online donation system so that it is now easier for you to donate! You just enter your information and presto, your name (if you’ve agreed to it being released on the website) and donation amount appear on my donation page! We can even accept donations from Americans now, so my American readers can feel free to donate too!

My donation page is at https://www.2mevents.com/index.php/pledge/729. You can just follow that handy link to donate. Or you can click on this sexy button:

I am also willing to accept cash or cheques when you see me. Or by mail. Or PayPal. Really, you should try donating using each of these methods, just to see which one you like the best.

Also, thanks to those of you who have donated already and/or who came out to the pub night on Friday1. I really, truly, deeply appreciate your support!

  1. In total, the pub night raised $6,100!! []

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  • Mmm…pub night. That’s wicked! I love the “anonymous pledges prior to July 15th” category. I’m in there, I swear. They did let you know that, right?


  • @Dan – This is the second pub night we’ve had (I missed the first one because I had only just joined up when it happened and was booked for that night). Pub nights are a surprising amount of work!

    @Sarah – Yes, yours is the only name they gave me from the pledges prior to July 15th – your name was on the old webpage, but since they had to transfer everything over manually, I think they just lumped it all together. If you would like your name to appear, I can ask them to make it so! (Same goes for anyone else who pledged previously!)


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