A New Appointee

I was reminded1 recently that I once upon a time gave a bunch of people official titles on my blog. There is Sarah, my Resident Historian and Chief Political CorrespondentDr. Dan, my Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant; Kalev, the Overseer of Deb0rking and Tsar of the Nerdery; and Dr. Darren, my Official Kyoto Correspondent and Chief Fire Hydrant Advisor.

Well, I think it’s high time for a new appointee! That appointee is Rick, a.k.a., The Inspiration. Rick earned his title as as The Inspiration by being inspiring and awesome. It’s pretty much the best way to earn such a title.

Coincidentally, Rick’s 30th birthday was  a mere 8 days ago. So this is also sort of a 30 years + 8 days birthday present. Here’s your new page, The Inspiration. I hope you like it!

  1. Where by “reminded” I mean that I noticed it when I was looking at an old blog posting. []

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