Day 1 – Take It One Shift At A Time #lg4cf

The Longest Game for CF is underway! The puck was dropped at 8 am after a lovely opening ceremony and for the first hour, all 20 players on each side played. And, I’m pleased to report, I scored a goal at 8:33 a.m.! W00t!

After the first hour, we settled into our routine of 4 hours segments. My first four hours was from 12 to 4 pm and (a) the pace was faster than I had anticipated we’d be playing1, (b) I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my feet and ankles are achy, my back is a bit stiff and I’m so tired and hungry2, but I thought I’d be in a lot rougher shape after playing for four whole hours with only one sub!

The thing that I’ve found the mostly helpful in the 5 hours I’ve played so far, is to remember to just take it one shift at a time. Four hours is a little overwhelming to think about, but I know that I can get on the ice and play one shift. And all I need to do is focus on that one shift, and not the many, many more shifts that make up my four hours3. One shift at a time! I’m really hoping that I can maintain that for the whole ten days.

Also, my friend Krista Lee and her husband, Ryan, and their baby are here – they are volunteering in the A/V timekeeper booth – meaning they are being entrusted with the ever important job of making sure the livestream camera is working4 and blowing the airhorn to alert the players & zamboni driver when it is time for the ice cleaning/to get back on the ice. Did I mention that they are super awesome?

Oh yeah, and I did I mention the livestream? You can watch the whole game on our website!

Anyhoo, I’m so tired that my brain is hardly working and I think dinner is being served now and so I should go to there! And then to bed ‘cuz my next shift starts at midnight!

  1. Though it is only day 1. []
  2. and really only staying awake right now because I’m waiting for dinner to be served! []
  3. It’s kind of hard to do because there’s a giant clock at the rink telling you the time, but what can you do! []
  4. That is the recording that the people from Guinness will be watching to verify that we set the record, so it’s crucial that it works. []

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  1. Awww thanks Beth. But really you’re the one who is super awesome! Skating for 10 days!!!!!!!!
    Dr. Beth is awesome!!!!

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