And the regular season begins!

It’s been almost a week since the game ended and since I have magical healing powers, my blisters and abrasions were mostly under control, so I decided that I would, in fact, play in this afternoon’s season opener for the Coquitlam hockey team. (My Burnaby hockey team’s season opener was the day after the LG4CF ended, so there was *no way* I was going to be playing in that one!)

It was a bit unusual getting back into playing in a real hockey game – I had to remember that I could go all out because there were two full lines, so I wouldn’t have to wait for 15 minutes before my next chance to get off the ice happened. I also had to remind myself that it was OK to block a shot – something I didn’t do in the LG4Cf because it wasn’t worth the risk of injury1. And mostly, it was very weird not to have sandwiches, granola bars and bananas on the bench. And I was *so* hungry!

Anyhoo, those 243 hours of practice must have done me some good because I scored a goal in tonight’s game! It was a lovely goal, if I do say so myself – I was parked in the doctor’s office and ready to shovel in the rebound when my linemates made some fancy moves to get the puck on net.

On a less happy note, one of our players had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher – probable concussion. It’s so awful to see that happen – I really hope she’s OK!

  1. Of course, my shin, which I used to block a shot in the game today, disagrees with me. []

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