As you are probably aware, I’m a huge nerd. One of the manifestations of my nerdery is a love of spreadsheets1,2. I love tracking things3 and calculating stuff and generally being organized. In addition the many and varied spreadsheets I have at work, I also have a number for me personally4. And now I’ve made a spreadsheet of all my active spreadsheets. So meta.

  1. See: my previous blog posting. []
  2. One of my big pet peeves is people not knowing how to use Excel. And I’m not talking about using advanced features of Excel, but just the basic stuff like the fact that Excel can do math for you. I think one of the most useful things in the introductory stats class that I teach is how to use Excel. []
  3. Of course, I use other things to track besides just spreadsheets – like Runkeeper to track my running and biking, and Time Edition to track time spent on school. []
  4. I also have a number of inactive spreadsheets, either because they have outlived their usefulness (e.g., tracking student loan payments, but my student loans are now all paid off) or because I’ve been delinquent (e.g., budget). []

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  • Wait is THIS why you wanted to konw if a Google Spreadsheet could be embedded in a page?!

    Oh Beth…

    But if people don’t think Excel does math, uh… what on EARTH do they think it’s FOR?!


  • No, I already knew how to embed a Google spreadsheet into a webpage. What I asked about was how to embed a Google spreadsheet into a webpage but have it so that the person reading the webpage could actually edit the spreadsheet (as opposed to just viewing it, which is what I already know how to do). And it was for something for work, not for here.

    Based on the way that many people use Excel, they seem to think that it’s just a very large Word table.


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