No-Fee Chequing Account Launches Only One Month *After* I Was Looking For It

So, remember how I was looking for a no fee chequing account for paying off my students loans and it was a great big pain in the butt to find and eventually I decided to open up a President’s Choice Financial chequing account? Well, would you believe that ING Direct, with whom I already have accounts, *just* announced they are launching a freaking no fee chequing account? No fees, no minimum balance, and they even pay you interest!1. In order to get one of these new “Thrive Chequing” accounts, you have to register your interest and then hope to be picked as one of the 10,000 people who get to pilot the program.

Cleverly, on the registration form, they ask you how you are going to help them out with the piloting of this program:


If you really want to be an early adopter of this account, it looks like you better be willing to share information on how it works!

Seeing as President’s Choice Financial *still* hasn’t sent me the cheques2 for my new account (and it’s been more than a month since I opened it!), I’ve registered for an ING Thrive Chequing account.  Truth be told, I’d rather go with ING since I already have accounts there *and* they give you interest on your chequing account.  A penny is saved is a penny earned, right?

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  1. Granted, it’s only 0.25%, but still. 0.25% > 0% []
  2. which I need in order to be able to set up my auto-payments for my student loans []

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  1. Ya, I’m glad you found a reasonable solution even if it did involve a hassle. Here’s to ING being quicker and better about working with you than President’s Choice Financial. All my dealings with them have gone well, so your chances are good.

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