Apparently me trying to have a life and make myself even more important at work1 are not conducive to having any time to write blog postings! I’m trying frantically to finish a draft of a big ole report at work in time for a big important meeting on Friday, at which I may have offered to give a presentation, what with all the juicy data I’m going to have from the big report2 and the desire to make myself important and all. I also had a massage and a chiropractor appointment3 after work and now I’m over at a friend’s place for dinner and for him to install the new open source version of my beloved wesabe onto my computer. So it was run from work to massage/chiro office to grocery store to home (very briefly to whip up veggie burgers) to my friend’s place. I mean, I had to call Kalev en route because I was too busy to even answer an email he sent me that required a response. Gah! And I’m writing this on my phone while my friend does computer voodoo to make wesabe live on my MacBook. So I didn’t have time to do much of anything tonight, including the run I should have been doing and now it’s home to bed ‘cuz I have to get up super duper early to get into the office and work more on my report. Gah!

Also, I appear to now have now have Linux on my computer. Which I’m pretty sure gives me total geek cred.

  1. because we already know I’m tres important but one can never be too rich, thin, or indispensable at work []
  2. oh data, I heart you []
  3. my chiropractor said that one of his other clients told him that he should really be dressed in head-to-toe leather for the work he does and after he worked on my knee today, I’m inclined to agree! Ouchy! But my leg felt sooo much better after! No pain, no gain! []

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