Probably The Second Most Disgusting Photo I Own

Two Sundays ago, when I got home from my long run1, I discovered that I had a blister on my big toe. This blister, in fact:

Day 62

Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve ever had a blister on my foot from all the running I’ve done. Blisters from wearing entirely impractical shoes – yes. But from running – no.

I wasn’t sure what the best thing to do with said blister was.  I mean, to pop or not to pop, right? I consulted with Dr. Google and found that the general consensus was not to pop a blister unless it gets uncomfortable or painful, in which case you should pop it with a sterilized blade. Well, when the blister was that size, I didn’t really feel it, so I stuck a band-aid with some polysporin on it. And even after my hill run on Tuesday, it was still OK.  And then I went for my short run today. And somehow this happened:

Day 66

Disgusting, right? I started to feel the blister in the last ~1/2 km of the run and so I knew it wasn’t going to be good. But I didn’t really expect when I took my shoe and sock off that it would be quite so round!  I’m actually amazed that my skin could stretch that much in such a short period of time without bursting! The blister wasn’t painful, exactly, but it definitely felt uncomfortable, as I could feel the neighbouring toe pushing on it (though I guess it really is the blister pushing on the neighbouring toe!).  Anyway, I decided that this uncomfortableness was sufficient to follow Dr. Google’s advice to pop it open! I didn’t have a razor blade, so I decided to sterilize a safety pin and use that.  But, of course, I had to take the above photo first because who doesn’t want to see my disgusting blister, right?

  1. 16 km long, in fact []

4 Replies to “Probably The Second Most Disgusting Photo I Own”

  1. FINALLY! I was waiting for someone to ask that. 10 points for you, extragoode!

    The most disgusting photo I own isn’t actually disgusting if you look at it without knowing what it is. But it’s from my days in the lab at U of Guelph and involves rats in a blender. True story.

  2. IM 11 and i have a smaller version of that on my toe i could feel it but t doesnt hurt! I dont kno what to do! At the end of the day i took off my shoes and sock and there saw it! t 12 am but its annoying! its on my big toe !

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