What Is Your MP Talking About?

Dr. Dan, who is perhaps vying for the title of Chief Political Correspondent1 here on NTBTWK has brought to my attention this site:


On this site you easily find information about what your Member of Parliament (MP) is saying – in Parliament, on Twitter and in the news – and what laws they are proposing and voting for and against.

One of the interesting features on the site is that they scour Hansard to find out what word2 your MP speaks most often in the House. My MP is currently Nina Grewal and the word she speaks most often: “years.” That’s kind of boring, actually. Let’s look at someone else: take Justin Trudeau ((on whose site Dr. Dan first saw this site) – his favourite words is “young”. Libby Davies favourite word is “housing,” while Hedy Fry and Ujjal Dosanjh both like to say, “health.”    The words each of the party leaders speaks most often:

  • Stephen Harper – “liberal” (shocking, isn’t it, that Harper, who is in control of the government, spends most of his time trash talking his opposition?)
  • Michael Ignatieff – “public” (power to the people!)
  • Jack Layton – “going” (not totally sure what this is about. Perhaps it’s forward thinking, like “we are going to…’?)
  • Gilles Duceppe – “Quebec” (file under: least surprising thing ever)

I think my favourite, though, is Stockwell Day. His favourite word: “fact.”  Given this government’s respect for facts (spoiler: they have no respect for facts of any kind), I find that hilarious. Perhaps all his statements are to the effect of “stop trying to use that fact! Ahhhh, the facts are coming for me!”

  1. better watch your back, Sarsh! []
  2. excluding “boring” words like “the” and “government” []

3 Replies to “What Is Your MP Talking About?”

  1. I can’t believe you spoiled me! You hypocrite!

    Carolyn Bennett (my MP) favourite word: health.

    The fact that JTru’s favourite word is “young” is so funny to me.

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