Why Did No One Tell Me That Jeff Tambellini Is Such a Hottie??

As you know, I like me some hockey players. Especially if they are hotties. And especially especially if they play for the Vancouver Canucks. Which is why I am so stunned to have discovered that there is a hottie Canuck that has slipped beneath my radar!

As long time readers may recall, I have a habit of naming certain, um, electronic devices after Canucks players. And I recently purchased one of those particular devices, so I needed to come up with a name to give to it1. And ever since Taylor Pyatt left the team, I haven’t had a particular Canuck that I’m in love with, so I went on over to Canucks.com check out the Canucks roster. At first I went to take a good look at Manny Malhotra, as my friend Jane oft laments that we stole the man she refers to as “Manny Sweet Lips” from her beloved San Jose Sharks. And, admittedly, he’s pretty cute.  But then I caught sight of this man:


This, my friends, is one Jeff Tambellini. I mean, sure, it’s not like he’s the number one player on the team – in fact, they didn’t even dress him for last night’s game. But that’s because he’s too busy being smoking hot! Seriously, check out a few photos of him on Google Image Search and tell me you aren’t in love?

Added bonus: he has the word “bellini” in his name. I think I’ve found the name for my new, um, electronic device. Also, I think I may need to marry him. The man, not the device.

  1. Previous Canucks names that have already been used include Taylor (Pyatt), Brad (Isbister), Trevor (Linden), and Bobby Lou (Roberto Luongo). Not that I think Bobby Lou is hot – far from it, in fact – but because he’s just *that good* of a hockey player []

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