I Need Your Help, West Coast Nerds!

There is a battle a brewing. An epic battle of nerdery.

You may recall that recently I single-handedly1 invented the gangster sign for pi.

Day 253

That is one tough looking chick doing the gangster pi sign.

Well, as with any gang, it turns out that there is a challenger on the horizon. One Dr. Daniel has decided to challenge the world to the first ever Interwebs Gangster Pi-Off! And apparently my gangster pi sign of awesomeness was not good enough for him, so he invented the East Coast version, seen here in the photo I’ve stolen off his blog2

Dr. Dan's east coast gangster pi sign

Oh no, you di-int just flash the *East* Coast gangster pi sign!

To enter the Interweb Gangster Pi-Off, you need to go to Dr. Dan’s site and read the rulez. The rulez basically being that you have to send him a photo of YOU doing the gangster pi sign. Like young Rick here who, being a Calgarian3, displays his best west coast gangster pi sign:
Rick's west coast gangster pi sign

He sees your west coast ganster pi sign and raises you an eyebrow.

You can do either the west coast symbol or the east coast symbol, but we all know that the cool kids will do it west coast style. And you must do it before Pi Day! I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that Pi Day is March 14 – I trust that you are all well along in your Pi Day Party planning, yes?

  1. Wait, it was actually double-handedly, given that the sign requires the use of both hands []
  2. Oh yeah, I stole it. Stole it like a boss! []
  3. At least for now. We are trying to save him from the horrible fate that is living in Calgary []

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