Horcrux, Not Vampire

So I have found the culprit that has caused the vampire bite-like injuries that I told you about yesterday. And that culprit is a seemingly innocent looking necklace.

Sarah had suggested in the comments of yesterday’s blog posting that perhaps a new pendant might be to blame, but since I haven’t bought or made any new jewelry in forever, I dismissed that idea. But then I put on my purple necklace last night and thought, “Well, this necklace covers up my vampire bite quite nicely…. wait, it covers it up a little *too* nicely.”

I give you Exhibit A (click the “play” button for video demonstration):

My mom gave me that necklace ages ago and it’s never bothered me in the least before, so why is it burning through my skin now? Clearly, the only viable explanation is that Voldemort snuck into my apartment while I wasn’t there and turned my necklace into a Horcrux. I don’t know why I didn’t see this before. I mean, I am friends with Harry Potter, after all.

5 Replies to “Horcrux, Not Vampire”

  1. I just need to find my Basilisk fang to put that Horcrux down once and for all. Either that or coat it with clear nail polish, as my friend Krista has suggested. I’m pretty sure evil incarnate cannot penetrate clear nail polish.

  2. Too late! I was going to say: “It’s a good thing that you’re afraid of spiders and not snakes, since you’ll need a Basilisk fang to get rid of the necklace”. Great minds DO think alike, I guess.

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