Do you have an RV you could lend us? It’s for a good cause!

RVI went to a player meeting for the 10 day long hockey game on Friday. I’ll write more about the meeting soon, but first and foremost I want to put out a plea for RVs!

As you know, during the 10 day long hockey game, the 40 women who will be playing are not allowed to leave the facility. But we will have small chunks of time during which we can catch a few zzz’s. Which raises the question: where do we sleep?

Well, we are hoping to get some RVs that we can keep out back in the arena’s parking lot. Unfortunately, since the event goes over the Labour Day long weekend, no RV rental companies are able to donate them to us, as it’s their busiest weekend of the year! We’d prefer not to pay to rent them, as we want all our money to go to Cystic Fibrosis Canada, the charitable organization that we are raising money for.

This is where you come in, gentle readers. Do you – or anyone you know – have an RV that you can lend to us between August 26 and September 5, 2011? We will have access to the bathrooms in the arena and all our food is being cooked and brought in for us, so we won’t need to use your RV’s kitchen or bathroom facilities. We just need a place to sleep. Hockey players gotta sleep, y’all!

If you have an RV that you could lend, or have any other ideas of people we might approach, please let me know (either via email or in the comments section)!

Image Credit: Posted by escalade328s on Flickr.

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