Starting The New Hockey Season Off With A Bang!

My spring/summer hockey league started up last night, with a 5-4 victory! And two points for me!

For the summer, I have joined a team made up of some players from the team I play on in Burnaby in the winter, plus some players from other teams, including two other players from the team I play on in Coquitlam in the winter1. The team is called the Orange Crush and, though they’ve had that name for many years, this year it’s taken on a whole new meaning. As I tweeted earlier today:

tweet Orange Crush

But I digress! What I really wanted to talk about was the kickass goal I scored! It came about halfway through the first period and I was set up in the doctor’s office, all Ryan Keslar-style, as I am wont to do, and my linemate, Marie, popped the puck up in the air in front of the net. She later told me that she was hoping to bank it in off my body and was very surprised when I, with my lightening fast reflexes, tapped it in, connecting the blade of my stick with the puck, placing it perfectly in the back of the net2! Since we aren’t televised, I can’t show you a replay, but I can show you this video of Steve Stamkos scoring a similar goal, just to give you an idea what it looked like:

[Hmmm.. when I preview this post, the embed code doesn’t seem to be working. If a video does not appear above, click this link to see the video in question]

So, yeah. My goal looked like that, but with no defenceman in the way a la Byfuglien in that video.

Also worth showing off is that I am tied for the league lead in points for the season:

Points Leaders

Sure, we’ve only played one game and I’m tied with four other people, but no matter! I’m a league leader right now and since that will probably never happen again, I’m posting this!

  1. Clear as mud, right? Basically, not everyone who plays winter hockey wants to play in the summer, so we combine the people who do want to play in the summer from a few different winter teams to make up one summer team. []
  2. Honestly, I was pretty surprised myself! It was totally just a reaction – there wasn’t enough time to think about it – I just did it! []

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