Student Loan Update

IMG_1005So, I made a really big lump sum payment on my student loans this month. Combining my tax return along with the amount of money I made from teaching two courses (after I used some of it to pay for my braces) meant I could make a $9,000 payment on my student loans. $9,000! Making the amount that I currently owe on my student loans a mere $26,500!

This puts me well within reach of achieving my goal of cutting my student loans in half by the end of 2011 compared to the end of 2010 – i.e., reaching the $20,000 mark (compared to the $40,000 I owed at the end of 2010). Also, since I got a raise, I upped my monthly payments to $1300/month.

Man, when I finally get these suckers paid off I am going to throw one hell of a kickass party!

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  1. Congrats….student loans are such a weight on your shoulders. Good for you to have a plan, I think that helps to reduce the stress of it all.

  2. Way to go on getting started on the RESP for Margaux, Krista Lee!

    Jody, you are so right – education *is* expensive! And you should totally fly out here to celebrate when I have my big party!

  3. You are also SO invited to the party, Rick!

    Man, I really better start planning this thing! I have less than 2 years to plan the bash of the century!

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