My Office Door As Facebook-Like Wall

At work, my coworkers all have their doors decorated. Some people bought these fancy stick-on decorations, while the more crafty of my colleagues created their own works of art. And for a long time, I kept thinking to myself, “One of these days, I really should put something on my door. It’s so boring!” Eventually, I got off my butt, went to the dollar store and bought some stick-on letters and some stick-on birds and decorated my door thusly:


My office used to be a clinic room, hence the sign that says
“Clinic” and the “In Use/Not In Use” indicator. 

Prior to decorating my door, I would sometimes sticky notes on my door indicating where I am/what I’m up to – usually this is just when I’m on teleconferences, so people won’t come in while I’m doing my office yoga.

I pretty soon realized that having my name on the door…


…meant that putting on the sticky note made my door look somewhat like a Facebook status update:


Which then prompted me to make a few other sticky note statuses:




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