My New Cage

So apparently I’m on a kick of buying sports related stuff. In addition to my new insoles, last week I finally broke down and bought myself a new face protector for my hockey helmet. All of my playing career, I’ve worn a clear plastic full visor, like this:

Helmet with old face protector

The one shown above is actually my second such visor – the first one never really fit properly and got way too scratched up and so I had to buy a replacement. As you know, I’m a big fan of safety equipment when it comes to sports, and I wouldn’t dream of playing without a full face protector of some sort – I’m just way too pretty to risk my beautiful, beautiful looks. Plus, I’ve been hit in the visor enough time with sticks and pucks to ever think it would be a good idea not to wear one! Especially since I got my braces. It seems like ever since I got them, I get hit in the face every time I play!

When I got my braces, I started wearing a mouth guard1, but I found that when I got off the ice and took out my mouth guard (as in, I took it out of my mouth, but it’s still contained inside my face shield) to drink water, my face shield immediately fogged up something terrible. And no amount of “anti-fog spray” used before the game would prevent it. This is a bit of a problem, especially if we don’t have a lot of players and I have to get back out onto the ice really quickly – there’s not enough time to drink water, get my mouth guard back in and also wipe away the fog!

And so it was off to Canadian Tire I went to buy this:

New cage for my helmet.

I found the claim on the tag a bit unlikely though:

"Vision enhancing?" Really?

“Vision enhancing”? A cage right in your line of sight is “vision enhancing”? I highly doubt that!

Anyway, after much fighting with my helmet, I finally managed to get the thing installed:

New cage for my helmet

I’ve only worn it to two games, but so far I like it. It took a bit of getting used to – I found that in the first game I wore it, a few times when I jumped out on the ice it seemed like all I could see was the cage! But you really quickly are able to focus on the game and then you barely notice the cage at all. By the second game, it was like it’s wasn’t even there! And it’s just *so* nice to not having anything fogging up anymore!

I also tried out my insoles that I bought for my running shoes in my hockey skates for last night’s game and I freaked loved it! I think I may need to head back to Kintec to buy a second pair!

And lately I’ve been seriously considering buying a bike! I think maybe I’ll go bike shopping this weekend…

  1. An aside: the reason I never wore a mouth guard before my braces was because I thought they were solely meant to protect your teeth and I always figure that my teeth were fine because I wore a full face protector. But I have since learned that mouth guards are also meant to help prevent concussions, because apparently when you get hit in the head but you are biting down on a mouth guard, it absorbs some of the shock []

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