Come at Visit Me at the Longest Game of Hockey. Bring Funny Signs!

It’s the thing you’ve all been waiting for… I have my playing schedule for the Longest Game for CF!!!

Now, I must stress that this is a TENTATIVE schedule. Everything is subject to change based on the goings on at the game, but I will do my best to post any updates to the schedule as soon as I know about any updates1. I think I’ll also post the day’s shifts on each day, just to make it even easier for you to know when I’m playing!

So, here’s my schedule (Click the image to embiggen) – note that the coloured in sections are when I’m scheduled to play, with yellow representing daytime shifts and blue representing nighttime shifts:

LG4CF - Beth's playing schedule

And here is my annotated schedule (again, clicking embiggifies this image):

LG4CF - Beth's playing schedule - annotated

All kidding aside, I am in awe that the committee – and I believe in particular it was Trish & Scott Tait – were able to figure out the schedules for 40 players so that every second of the game is covered and we all get a lot of 8 hour breaks for sleeping, eating, and tending to our poor overworked muscles! You guys are amazing!

And now it’s back to packing for me! Because after a full day of work tomorrow, I go for chiro & massage (only last tune up before the game!), come home, have some dinner, pack up my car and then I’m off to the rink! We have to be at the rink very early on Friday morning because, though the game starts at 8 am, we need to eat breakfast, get warmed up and into our gear and participate in the opening ceremony before the puck drops!

Oh yeah, so the other thing I wanted to say – I hope lots of you will come out to see me play! It’s going to be a long 10 days and I think it will be really motivating to have some fans to cheer me on! I would especially love you the most ever if you brought a funny sign. Because funny signs make me skate faster!


  1. Depending, of course, on if I have enough time between finding out about a schedule change and actually having to be on the ice! []

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  • I totally wish I could see you play and cheer you on!! I would totally have a sign that says “The Inspiration says STFU and Play!”… or something along those lines. Maybe “The Inspiration Thinks You Rock!”. In seriousness… good luck Beth! It’s going to be awesome… and you’re going to do awesome 🙂


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  • I love those signs. I’m going to have to try to come up with something wicked awesome to post on my blog so that you can display it on your computer whilst you play. 🙂

    Good luck Dr. Beth – not that you will need it.


  • That’s a great idea, Dan!

    I’m bringing my whiteboard so that I can make many signs of hilariousness. Perhaps I should ask my blog readers for ideas of what to put on said sign….


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