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A long, long time in a galaxy far, far away1, I asked Twitter what blender I should buy2. There were several suggestions and much debate, but in the end I decided to get a Ninja blender, and only partly because it has an awesome name. It got great reviews for its blending power and I found it on sale at Canadian Tire, where I could get the blender with a jug plus an attachment and several blending cups so that it can be like a magic bullet for making smoothies in, only way more powerful than a magic bullet3 – for the price of just the regular blender and jug. That’s $50 off! And you know how much I like a deal!

The main reason I wanted a blender was to be able to make hummus and spinach & cilantro rice, the latter of which involves blending up spinach, cilantro, and parsley with vegetable stock and then cooking rice in that. It looks like this when you blend it4:

Day 75

So far, I’m pretty pleased with my Ninja. I haven’t yet tried out the crushed ice setting, but perhaps that is something I can do in the new year!

  1. This is one of those postings that was in my Drafts folder, as just a title, that I mentioned in my last blog posting. []
  2. My ex owned a blender when we moved in together and my magic bullet blender was on its last legs, so I got rid of it. When my ex became my ex, I then had no blender. []
  3. OK, I can’t talk about magic bullet blenders without linking to this blog posting. []
  4. OK, I can’t talk about blending without linking to this blog posting. []

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  • Argh. you make me want to get one too! I have been looking at it for a really long time but haven’t made up my mind yet. I already spend money for my own Christmas gift this year 🙁 Maybe next time..

    (you really are cranking out those blog posts eh? 😉


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