Surrey Hates Peanuts

I *would* have written a real blog posting today, but Kalev came over for dinner and we had too much fun chatting and cooking and now I’m too sleepy to write anything of any substance. I was going to post a picture of the dinner, which consisted of Greek salad and Pad Thai1, but I appear to have taken said photo while the memory card was in my computer instead of the camera, so the picture is trapped in the internal memory of the camera and I have no idea how to get it out of there2.  Just close your eyes and picture a beautiful Greek salad and a scrumptious Pad Thai!  But Pad Thai with crushed cashews because Surrey hates peanuts.  Seriously. We went to both a produce store and a grocery store and neither of them hadjust unsalted shelled peanuts.  You could get salted snacky-type peanuts or you could get peanuts in shells, but as if we are going shell a bunch of peanuts ourselves like a couple of suckers. We decided to just get the “low salt” snacky-type peanuts, but inadvertently picked up the wrong can and ended up with lightly salted assorted nuts, which contained every nut under the sun *except* peanuts.  So we picked out the cashews and used them instead.  It tasted fine and all, but what’s up with the lack of peanut variety in Surrey?  Why are you so anti-peanut? What did peanuts ever do to you, eh?

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  1. I know, I know! We are SO multicultural! []
  2. I usually take photos on the memory card and just pop it out of the camera and into the memory card slot in my computer. I don’t have the cord to attach the camera to the computer to extract the photo-y goodness from within []

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