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Gift Certs

A magic show:

So I won some tickets to a magic show over on Raul’s blog.  Not only that, I also got $25 of gift certificates to Havana, where the show was. The magician was Vitaly Beckman and his show was freaking spectacular!  He was levitating things, making people disappear from one photo and appear in another and even had a bus drive out of a photo!  I have *no idea* how he did the stuff he did.  Crazy good.  If you ever have a chance to see him perform, I highly recommend it!

A movie:

Today I went to a show of a completely different type – Piranha 3D. If you like (a) lots of gore and (b) tits & ass in bad 3D, you will love Piranha 3D.

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  • I like your review of the magician show.

    Reminds me of something Brian Brushwood said recently: There are 2 types of “magicians”: The ones you see on TV, and the ones you see in person. Everybody’s always enamored with the in person ones. Because they were RIGHT THERE, and “magic” happened.


  • Yeah, with TV magicians you always think that it could just be a trick with the camera. But when you see it live and can touch the photo used in the trick (or at least the one the magician has swapped in to make you think it was the photo used in the trick), it totally ups the wow!


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