Retinal latticing is such a sweet sorrow

So yesterday was my (slightly belated) one year post-laser eye surgery #2 check up with my optometrist. It was also my annual eye exam, since it was time for that anyway. I looked through various machines, clicked various buttons, determined whether I could see better through “1 or 2, 1 or 2, 1 or 2″ and had photos taken of my retinas through my eye drop-induced gigantic pupils:”

Day 121

And everything looks the same as before – my vision is 20/20 overall, with slightly better than 20/20 in my right eye and slightly worse than 20/20 in my left eye, exactly as it was at my 6 month check up. Eye pressure is good, cornea & lenses look good, and retinal latticing looks the same as last time. My optometrist assures me that having some thinning at the bottom of my retinas is not a big deal – it’s usually only if you have thinning at the top of the retina that you are at real risk of it detaching, as gravity pulls it down1. And, since monitoring my retinal latticing is considered a medical issue2, my optometrist can bill my provincial health coverage for about half the cost of my eye exam. So I try not to worry about it too much, though when I do think about it it totally weirds me out!

  1. note to self: don’t do too many handstands []
  2. as opposed to routine eye exams, which aren’t covered by MSP []

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  • I too get my visits covered, which I like to think of as the silver lining to the “Central Serous Retinopathy-Dominant Drusen-Sick Retinal Pigment Epithelium-Early Onset Macular Degeneration” clusterfuck I call my eyes. Yay for free eye exams!

    Whenever I go in, I have to have the dilation party with the doctor. It usually takes several hours for my eyes to return to normal, so in that time I always have fun trying unsuccessfully to focus on things near and far. I also end up having to wear my sunglasses all day. And of course, this means I’m often humming the song “I wear my sunglasses at night”. I’m cool like that.


  • Found your blog searching Dr. Google for “retina latticing” which I also have thanks to high myopia (now corrected by cataract surgery x 2 this month). Mine’s at the top of my eye so now I’m really concerned about retina detachment. I’m now off to phone my retinal specialist to see if they can zap it back together sometime soon; why not be proactive rather than reactive. And I so get the dilation party – I’ve had so many dilations it isn’t funny this year…


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