Getting Back To A Normal Life

Apparently my ability to blog about anything but the game lasted all of one day.

It’s been four days since the game ended and I’m feeling both like I may never fully recover and like it was all just a dream! My physical injuries are all very surface – blisters and abrasions  – and I’m a fast healer when it comes to stuff like that and my sausage fingers only lasted for about a day after the game. I had dinner with about 25 of the players last night1 and many people have much more serious issues – groin pulls, toes that are still numb, etc.! But I also am still having trouble temperature regulating – I’m hot, then I’m cold – and I can’t seem to get hydrated. Despite the fact that I am drinking crazy amounts of water all day long, none of it seems to want to stay in my body2! I feel like I’m ever so slightly more hydrated than yesterday, but my mouth and my eyes still feel super dry! If we do this again, I feel like we should have physiologists follow us around to study the effects of insane amounts of physical activity3. On the plus side, I have regained the ability to sweat, which I lost around Day 5 of the game. So that’s got to be a good thing, right?

My main problem now is that I’m still suffering from the sleep deprivation – hence why I’m at home writing a blog posting on a Friday night instead of partying it up like a respectable 30-something should be. Now, I’m no stranger to sleep-deprivation. I usually only sleep about 5 hours a night during the week, so getting only 5 hours sleep per day during the hockey game wasn’t as much a problem for me as it was for some others… for a few days. But in the real world, I typically make up for my insufficient sleep during the week by sleeping 10 or 12 hours per night on the weekends, something I certainly didn’t do during the game! I’m also not usually physically active for 9 hours per day while getting only 5 hours of sleep per night, so the sleep deprivation *definitely* caught up with me. And since I went back to work the day after the game ended, I haven’t gotten nearly enough sleep to start catching up. In fact, I was in a meeting today and the chair asked us to talk about our goals for the meeting – her example was “By the end of the meeting, I want a consensus on this document so that we can submit it to the Director – and I said, “My goal is to stay awake for the next two hours”4.

My plan for the weekend is to take it easy – early to bed tonight, a day on the beach tomorrow and definitely sleeping in big time on Sunday. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have enough energy to actually get groceries – something I just haven’t had the strength to do as of yet. Maybe next week I’ll even unpack all my stuff from the game, which is currently sitting in a giant pile in my living room!

  1. Big time props to Richport Ford Lincoln who kicked in a bunch of money for dinner! []
  2. I’ve also tried beer, but that doesn’t seem to work either []
  3. Yeah, I just suggested that we might do this again. Near the end of the game, when people would ask me if I’d ever do this again, I would say, “No way. I’ll volunteer, but playing in a 10 day long hockey game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Now that we are a few days out, I feel like I might do it again if they were to plan another game like this! []
  4. Fortunately, my coworkers have a sense of humour and are sympathetic to my plight! []

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  • Obviously what you did was a great thing for a noble cause. Hopefully it will not be long before the pain of sacrifice becomes only memories while the accomplishment itself will stand for a very long time. Here are a few fun facts that may act as a psychological salve during this interval of recuperation . . .

    –Humanity is now much better prepared if a race of extremely powerful extraterrestrials should decree that the fate of our world rests on the outcome of a hockey marathon.

    –A dark age of uninformed speculation may end now that there is finally a useful pool of data regarding the effects of exposure to hockey on Canadians.

    –For all its miraculous tales, the Bible does not contain a single game of hockey even 1/1000th as long as the game you managed to complete.

    –From a spectator’s perspective, 240 hours of hockey still doesn’t feel as long as 9 innings of baseball.

    –If recent global unrest forces the world to switch to a hockey-based economy, you are now well-positioned to become one of the 21st century’s greatest tycoons.


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