Things My BFF Taught Me

IMG_1555In my ongoing birthday series of Things That Important People in My Life Have Taught Me, it’s time for a birthday shout out to Sarah! Sarah turns 34 today and thus we enter the three months of the year where we are the same age! I’ve known Sarah since about grade 4, and over the past two decades, I’ve learned a thing or two from her.

What A Great Relationship Can Look Like

There are a few friends of mine who have such good relationships with their partners that I can’t help be a bit jealous1. Sarah is one of them. I mean, Sarah and Dave are both awesome as individuals, but they are also an awesome couple. Whenever I visit Sarah and Dave, or they visit me, I’m always struck by how well they compliment each other. In their relationship, each of them play to their strengths, but they also challenge each other to grow. This leads to some great teamwork. You can also see the amount of support and love they have for each other. And there’s always so much laughter and fun when Sarah & Dave are around. I should be so lucky to end up with someone as compatible to me as these two are to each other2.


A Surprising Amount About Money

Sarah and I talk a lot about money. When I set up my first budget, I talked to Sarah. When I wanted to figure out my net worth, Sarah shared her net worth calculating spreadsheet with me. Sarah’s the one who explained the joys of the Tax-Free Savings Account with me when they first came out and it’s her voice I hear in my head whenever I get frustrated about not owning any property3: “The Vancouver real estate market is INSANE! Way over valued! Renting makes a hell of a lot more financial sense!”4 I know that some people find finances very boring, but I quite love them and I so appreciate having someone so knowledgable to talk to about them!

What Loyalty Looks Like

You will never find a more loyal and supportive friend then Sarah. Sarah is a woman who flew across the country TWICE to support me when I was going through a rough time in my life, including being my Personal Panic Preventer during my PhD defence5. Whenever I decide to do something insane, like stay up for 24 hours blogging or play hockey for 10 days straight, Sarah is always there providing me moral support and keeping my spirits up. It doesn’t matter that she’s on the other side of the country, her constant messages bring me strength to do these crazy things because I know she’s there, cheering me on. Sarah looks out for the best interests of her friends even when they aren’t even looking out for it themselves.

I love you, Sarah, and I miss you a lot. I hope you are having an awesome birthday!

  1. Not in a mean or resentful way. But in a “I’d like to have something like that someday!” way. []
  2. Though I do want to acknowledge that it’s not just about luck. It’s about knowing oneself, knowing each other, and great communication and hard work []
  3. Even though I know that real estate in Vancouver is absolutely insane right now, it’s hard to get past the “owning real estate makes you a success” mentality. []
  4. And should the Vancouver real estate market ever turn around to the point that owning real estate would (a) be possible and (b) be a good idea, all the stuff that Sarah has taught me about mortgages will come in very handy. []
  5. A thankless job if ever there was one. There was a lot of panic to be prevented the day before and the day of! []

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