2012 Year-in-Review

Just under a year ago, I wrote my 2011 year-in-review posting about what a great year I had. Little did I know that just 17 days later we would get the news that my dad had a brain tumour and that less than a month after that, he would be gone. Losing my dad has overshadowed everything for me this year – I think about him every single day. As if to highlight death in my life, the universe decided that this year my family should also lose two frogs1, a cat2, and a bunny3. It feels kind of strange to write a blog posting reviewing the year when everything else seems so minor by comparison, but then, life does go on no matter how sad one is.

January marked my return to school, which has taken up a great deal of my time this year. February, my dad died. In March, I moved, I went to Ottawa for a business trip (and added a side trip to visit my family while I was in Ontario), and I got my braces off. In April, my mom, my sister, and my nephew came to visit me. A quick scroll through my blog postings for May revealed that there wasn’t a heck of a lot going on – I’m going to have to guess that means I was super busy at school. June was a month from hell, school-wise, with an insane amount of exams and assignments. July, not unlike, May, was rather unremarkable, but in August I ran from zombies, visited some wineries, and acquired some frogs. September was unremarkable, other than the fact that every single blog posting title that month ended in the word “it“. October marked the completion of my 7th half marathon, and also involved a trip to Montreal and Toronto, and saw me risk my life in the form of the CN Tower Edgewalk. The most important event of November was the completion of the core part of the MBA program, while the highlight of December has to be the fact that I published a freaking textbook!

Other highlights of the year:

Writing this blog posting has reminded me – not that this is much of a surprise – that school has really dominated my life of late, but I haven’t actually written much about it, save for a few blog postings about how much bloody time I spent on school. Being so busy with school hasn’t left me much time to reflect on it and when I did get time, the last thing I’ve felt like doing is thinking about school! But I think I feel a blog posting forming in my mind about my reflections on a year of school. Maybe even before the end of 2012!

Image Credit: Posted on this site with a Creative Commons license.

  1. My frog, Rocky, and my niece’s frog, Bob. []
  2. My sister’s family’s cat, Pakita. []
  3. My mom’s bunny, BB. []

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