10 Meals

Clearly, I’m on a roll of blogging about my goals for 2013, so now let’s look at this one: Make 10 meals that I’ve never made before.

This one I made a concerted effort to achieve, with a spreadsheet to track ideas of things to make and then to track when I made them.

Cornish hen 6-Jan-2013
Ham & cheese crepes 12-Feb-2013
Lamb shoulder chop 10-May-2013
Bison stew 12-May-2013
Caesar salad 5-Jun-2013
Clam chowder 24-Jun-2013
Marinated tuna steaks 1-Sep-2013
Ribs 14-Oct-2013
Eggplant parmasen 9-Oct-2013
Pork tenderloin 21-Nov-2013

The eggplant parm was only decent, but it also knocked an item off my 101 list, so it was like killing two birds with one stone. I wasn’t thrilled with the ham and cheese crepes (probably because I’m not really a big fan of ham!). The rest were pretty excellent, if I do say so myself. I think the Cornish hen was the best new dish I tried, but the lamb shoulder chop was a close second. The marinated tuna steaks were delicious and I’ve made them a few times since.

Also, I have a few items on my list of ideas that I never got around to trying, so I think I’ll make a 2014 goal of making 10 new things I’ve never made before. For the record, those ideas are:

  • pheasant
  • pulled pork
  • paella
  • roast beef
  • kangaroo

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