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If I’d actually written all the blog postings that I have composed in my brain, I would not need to be writing four blog postings a day to reach my goal. I was *sure* that I’d written about my ever-changing running goal for 2013, but I cannot find that blog posting anywhere, so apparently I did not actually write it. To make a long story short, when I first created my goals for 2013, I set a goal of running 400 km based on the fact that in 2012 I ran 287 km and a 100 km increase seemed reasonable. But then when I sat down and calculated out the training programs for two half marathons – another goal for 2013 – I realized that I’d easily do 400 km during my training and so I adjusted my goal to 600 km, because I wanted my goal to be more of a stretch. Unfortunately, Runkeeper, the app that I use to track my runs, does not let you adjust goals1 and I’d already set 400 km as a goal before I laid out my training for the year. I could have deleted the goal and then set up a new one, but then all the running I’d done up to that point wouldn’t get counted, so that was no good. At any rate, the Runkeeper app still allows me to track everything and since I have a spreadsheet, anyway, I just tracked my progress towards the 600 km mark with that.

Then life happened and I ended up doing pretty minimal training for both my half marathons this year and then I started thinking that maybe 600 km was going to be out of my reach and I should have stuck with 400 km after all! I ended up hitting the 400 km mark in October and I knew I wouldn’t run another 200 km by the time my November half marathon happened and I have a very bad habit where, after I finish a half, I think, “I need a bit of recovery time” and then 6 months goes by and I haven’t done any running. Which is part of the reason that I signed up for the running study – I knew it would be the motivation that I needed to go running when it’s cold and dark and raining and I have no races that I’m training for. And then yesterday, with three days to spare, I hit my 2013 target:

Running 2013

600 km, to put it in perspective, is further than Vancouver to Revelstoke2:

Vancouver to Revelstoke

That’s pretty far, if I do say so myself!

  1. Runkeeper, if you are reading this, you should totally add that as a feature. That and an out-and-back option when created maps. []
  2. Which is a mere 563 km. []

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