BC Lions Game

Day 103
Lance, Kim & Beth at the Lions game. Image by Beth77 via Flickr

Crossed another item off my 101 things to do in 1001 days list: #45: Go to a BC Lions game!

Now, I’m not a huge football fan. When I was a kid, my dad and I were in an NFL football pool run by my uncle for a few years and I *loved* watching football when I had money riding on it. But as soon as the pool ended, so did my interest in watching football games. Turns out I wasn’t really invested in any of the teams, so without the big cash rolling in, I couldn’t actually care less about the games.

But there is something really awesome about live sporting events. Plus, this season the Lions are playing at Empire Field, since their usual home, BC Place, is having a new roof put on. My friend Kim really wanted to see a game at Empire Field and since the field is slated to be demolished after this season, well, we figured why not go to last night’s game?  The field is actually a lot nicer than I’d been envisioning for a temporary field – and it was a crisp, clear night, so great for an open-air stadium.  I wasn’t exactly dressed for the evening chill, as I was in Vancouver already when we decided to go to the game and I was wearing the capri yoga pants I had with me from the morning’s seawall walk1, so by the end of the game I was a bit cold, but such, I guess, is the life of a football fan.

The Lions have been sucking pretty bad this season2, but they were playing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who are sucking even worse3. The game was actually pretty exciting, with a come from behind4 victory for the hometown boys.

And speaking of boys, I had just been commenting earlier that day to some friends that I have no idea where one meets boys in this city.  Turns out, they are all at the football game. Seriously, it had to be a 75%/25% male/female split in the stands.  And some of said boys may be very inebriated and then wink at you and tell you that “you look very sexy tonight” even though you are not even remotely dressed up and your hair hasn’t seen a brush in more than 12 hours. Or they may find sneaky ways to give you their email addresses within 43 seconds of meeting of them. You know, hypothetically speaking.

  1. It was pretty warm during the day, so I’d brought a skirt and sandals for my mid-day events – coffee with some friends and a hockey pool draft – but fortunately had the capri pants and running shoes as Jen B and I did our seawall walk in the morning, when it was a bit chilly []
  2. they had a 4 and 8 record going into last night’s game []
  3. 3 and 9 going into last night’s game []
  4. tee hee []

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