Hot Yoga Is So Hot

I bought my first ever Groupon1 this past week. Every day I check out what the new Groupon is and everyday I think – that’s a good bargain… if I were looking to buy that.  And it’s never been something that I’ve been looking to buy, until hot yoga came around. As you know, I’m running a half marathon next weekend. And, as you also know, my calves are displeased with me2 and so I think it’s time to give them a break from all the running and take up another activity for the winter. I was planning to either find out about yoga classes in my area or possible investigate some salsa lessons that I saw advertised nearby or maybe pole dancing lessons. And then came the Groupon. $30 of unlimited hot yoga for 30 days. Usual price for that: $150! The yoga studio in question has two locations: one in Yaletown and one in White Rock3, the latter of which is ~20 mins from my place. And they have classes at 6 a.m., if I want to do my yoga before work or a few in the evening, if I want to do it after work. The deal is that you can buy the 30 days and start them anytime you want between now and Dec. So my plan is to wait until after the half marathon is done, then activate my 3o days of sweaty, bendy goodness. So. Excited.

  1. FYI, that Groupon link contains my personalized code so that if you click on that link and then sign up for Groupon, I get $10. So you should probably click that link ‘cuz I could totally use $10. []
  2. I played two hockey games today and despite being very diligent about stretching after yesterday’s seawall walk and my hockey game, my calves were unbelievably tight when I got up after sitting for a few hours between game #1 and game #2 []
  3. where by “White Rock,” they actually mean Surrey []

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