Weekend Update

How, exactly, did the weekend go by so fast? I fully expected this weekend to be low key and then, somehow, it got super busy! Hence, I’m writing my first blog posting of the weekend at 11 pm on Sunday night!

So, a quick recap:

  • Friday night – went out with Kalev, who is in town for a couple of weeks, and his friend, Craig, for dinner1 and a movie2.
  • Saturday – ran 15 km and then went for a *much needed* massage. My run was supposed to be 16 km, but I got up too late and spent too much time chatting and then suddenly didn’t have enough time to run my full 16 km and get home and showered before my massage appointment, so I had to cut the run a bit short. Massage was awesome – painful, but oh so awesome.
  • Saturday night – Went to Shalu & Deepak’s to watch the game. Though the Canucks suffered a sad defeat, it was a more entertaining game to watch than most of the Nashville series has been3 and Shalu made us some ridiculously good food. And then Shalu and I planned for our next spa day!
  • Saturday night later on – Since the Canucks game was an early game4, Kalev and I made plans to hang out after the game. Hanging out turned into “let’s go watch Thor!” My verdict on Thor – very entertaining, but Chris Hemsworth really should have spent more time in the movie with his shirt off.
  • Sunday – Spent most of the day making something awesome with Kim! Something which I shall blog about in more detail soon!

Now, I’d like to be able to report that this week will be a little more chill, but somehow I’ve managed to book something every single night for the next 6 nights. And next Friday and Saturday is the Northern Voice conference, so I’m booked up those two days as well.

Can someone please tell my social life to calm down already?

  1. Old Spaghetti Factory, since it was close to the theatre we were going to []
  2. Scream 4. Which I really enjoyed, though I think it’s not getting good reviews from most people []
  3. Nashville should be renamed Yawnsville! []
  4. 5 p.m. start []

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