Buying Fresh Herbs

So I was at the produce store the other day and I needed some fresh herbs for the risotto I was planning to make for dinner.  For just $2.29, I could get a package of basil:


Fresh herbs, I find, typically last for about a week before they go bad.

Right next to the packaged herbs, were these potted ones for the exact same price:


So, for $2.29, you can buy either a little package of basil that will last you a week, or you can buy a basil plant that will last you FOREVER!

Makes me wish that I didn’t live in a basement so I could actually grow my own herbs1.

  1. like even more than I already wish that I didn’t live in a basement []

2 Replies to “Buying Fresh Herbs”

  1. Is there anywhere in your apt where you get natural light? If so – go for growing herbs in pots!

    Our yard is so shady that we cannot grow a vegetable garden. And we can’t grow stuff indoors (even flowers) because of Moe, the greenery eating savage. I just steal herbs from my Mom, who grow them!

  2. I get a bit of light in some of my windows for a little part of the day – not sure if it’s enough for herbs though. Tod has a herb garden on his balcony, so I can steal some from there when I’m in Van.

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