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Bottled Water Is Bullshit – Canucks Edition

Darren Facebooked earlier today about his disappointment at seeing Canucks-branded bottled water in stores recently – you know, given that bottled water is a “lousy, wasteful product,” (or, as I like to say – bottled water is bullshit).

Just the other day I’d been in Save-on-Foods and saw the exact product he was talking about – they are selling bottles of water with pictures of various Canucks players on them. Now, despite the fact that I don’t buy bottled water because I completely agree with Darren that it is wasteful and stupid – we have the best quality water in the world coming right out of our taps, with no need for environmentally unfriendly plastic and transportation of said water-filled plastic bottles – I’m embarrassed to say it didn’t occur to me to think “this is stupid.” Instead, what I thought when I saw these in the store was:


… “Wow, they drew different pictures for Daniel and Henrik Sedin. I totally would have just used the same one and put their different numbers on their sleeves!”

Priority FAIL!

4 Responses to Bottled Water Is Bullshit – Canucks Edition

  1. Jane says:

    If they have one for Manny, can you send it to me? I will pay for shipping to San Jose. Hee hee

  2. Beth says:


    I think they do, actually.

  3. Darren says:

    The Malhotra bottle will no doubt get lost along the way.

  4. I just think the bottles look cool. I am no fan of bottled still water (though I LOVE ME some mineral H20), but I can understand why you were distracted.

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