Reviewing My Goals for 2015

Since it’s the end of the year, which means it’s time to check in on how I did with my 2015 goals!

2015 Goals Achieved (Y/N) Comments
Run two half marathons. Y BMO Vancouver & Montreal Rock’n’Roll.
Run a sub-2 hour half marathon N This, like gravy, is my Moby Dick.
Run 800 km Y 834.7 km, in fact.
Add 5 new medals to my collection Y Accomplished!
Complete the 100 pushup challenge N Didn’t even start trying it! Thought about it, but then had hand problems and then by the time my hand problems were fixed, I’d forgotten about it again.
Bring lunch to work more often than I buy lunch at work Y I tracked this all year and it turned out I brought lunch 53% of the time. I really think I could do a better job at this, so I think I’ll have to put in a more ambitious target for this for 2016.
Lose those last 5 lbs that I gained during my MBA N Gah, this is also my Moby Dick. I was trending in the right direction but then Drink-cember came along which, combined with No-running-vember and Sloth-cember, has caused me to start trending in the direction of Moby Dick.
Set up a new investment plan Y Done.
Write a will Y I did that yesterday. Kalev gave me a fill-in-the-blank will kit1 a billion years ago and I finally filled it in, mostly because I wanted to check this item off this list of goals!
Pay off 7.5% of my mortgage principal Y I actually paid off 18% of my principal this year. I used a combination of teaching money, textbook royalties, my tax return, and money I was able to save from my regular pay to do this.
Complete 15 items from my 101 list Y Done!
Apply for at least one research grant Y Back in November I said it would take a miracle for this to happen by the end of the year. As it turns out, a miracle happened – a great opportunity presented itself and I was able to get a grant in by the end of the year. Not at liberty to talk details, but I’m actually really excited by this project!
Make 15 new food or drink items that I’ve never made before Y I made 23!
Organize all my closets Y Done, though I did it so early in the year I probably should do it again!
Write 115 blog postings Y I published 118 blog postings in 2015!
Bonus goal: Read 15 books Y I read 18 books!

That’s 13/16 or an epic 81%. This far exceeds any of my previous years (2015: 50%, 2013: 65%, 2012: 44.5%, and 2011 at 40%)2

  1. New business idea: Mad Libs-style will kit. It would be hilarious AND legally binding! (TM!) []
  2. This would probably be a lot more exciting if my year hadn’t had such a shitty ending, but beggars cannot be choosers. []

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